Monday, October 9, 2017

Everyone Has Their Own Pace

I finished the October BOM. Over the years I have tried not to compare my pace with others. Although I have been quite arrogant and used to say that I could dance circles around people half my age, I probably still can. My arrogance still shows up. Yet, now honestly, I pace myself to my own rhythms. 

Actually that is the challenge for me. I put pressure on myself to finish what I start & always seem to give myself deadlines. My pace was getting to be too much to keep at it so hard without getting burned out. I fell behind with the BOMs simply because of that. I rather like this block with its brighter colors. September is so pastel.

Three Good Things / Day 24:
  1. My older Son asked for a new quilt (his middle Daughter moved out on her own & took all of hers). He gets it that Winter is Coming
  2. The melodrama, DRACULA'S GREAT ADVENTURE was so fun
  3. Shopped at Cost Plus Market before any sort of holiday rush and found candy to ship to Mother.