Thursday, July 5, 2018

Back From 4" Squares

Piecing the squares is an adventure. First they go into 9-patch blocks, then six of those blocks get joined in rows. Right now, I have 6 rows. I learned that the term scrap quilt means using scraps in patterns to form cohesiveness. Scrappy quilts means you just grab what you have and piece away. I like more of the orderliness and so mine are scrap quilts rather than scrappy. These blocks for the back might look random to the eye of a non-quilter, but they are not.

The project is coming along nicely. The next step might just be scrappy because at this point, the rows are joined in whatever way they come together to make the sizing requirements. I did my best to have the squares look good next to each other, but did not spend too much time doing that step. Once the back measured out, it was ready to sandwich with batting and get basted. It is a lot larger than it needs to be, but I would rather have it larger to trim off than to be short. Done.

What I do plan to do next is work on the Bargello quilt, to piece the tubes and cut into the strips as suggested in the pattern.  

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