Monday, July 2, 2018

Out of Gray Thread

With one line left to stitch, the thread ran out and both local fabric stores are closed until Tuesday.

I stitched the binding onto the quilt with a black thread because that part will not matter. The back is a black print fabric. I need to set this aside until later and get on with other things. For instance, next on the list is the Bargello. My next step was to press and check seams. Of course, I found a few spaces where seams were ok, but I wanted to secure them. I've gone back to the pattern. This is a time consuming quilt. Lots of cutting and layout.

This morning, I pulled out bins from the closet to get ready for the week. The Bargello is pressed and seams reinforced. I asked for help with the pattern so that when I start cutting, there should be a better understanding. 

Then, I took out the next Comfort Quilt project. Its been started and set aside long enough. After looking at the smaller bins and labels on them, that I have enough projects to keep going for some time. Its a matter of pulling the small bins out and simply working on them. 

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