Friday, July 6, 2018


When I was a grrrl still living at home with my Parents, one of my tasks was ironing. I hated ironing. Back in the day, cotton wrinkled so bad. Well, it still does. And now, as a part of quilting, one must 'press' seams open, or 'press' to get wrinkles out from washing. 

Pressing is different from ironing. It is not the sweeping motion. It is a downward action that doesn't move the fabric to stretch it or ruin the bias cuts. Some quilters press seams open and some say that open seams are more fragile and prefer to press them 'to the dark side'. It really depends upon how the final quilting will be done, and so you have to know what your plans are. 

Today is a pressing day for me. I want to press the seams on the comfort quilt (no photos until the recipient has it in hand), and press the seams on the Bargello. This is the perfect time to check seams to ensure they are joined with that 1/4 inch to hold up to use. I plan to press the top seams open and the back seams to the side. I've thought about how I will quilt this project and plan to use white thread to go with the background of the top. I want back seams to have the strength of side pressed seams and think that I will quilt this one a bit more than usual just for the added strength.

As for the Bargello, well, it is still a WIP (work in process) so one step at a time with it. Today, it gets pressed and each section made into a tube. Admittedly, I am way beyond my comfort level with it and am second guessing everything I do with it. Already, I am concerned with my color choice on it. It is my first Bargello, and will be a learning experience.


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