Wednesday, July 4, 2018

When the Machine.....

Starts to rumble...

I worked on another comfort quilt the last few days and in fact, have many more days to work on finishing steps. Because my friend might read the blog, I am not posting photos. I pulled out 4th of July movies, The Sandlot, & National Treasure to watch while I work. Wish I had others but the day passes quickly and these were enough.

And the back of the quilt. I have a lot of the blocks done & measured the top so I can piece the back to fit. As I use these squares, thoughts about other quilts I've made & who they went to come to mind. Of course, I remember different people who gave me fabrics too. The 'stash' of fabrics is getting down, which is the goal. Yet, there is so much here to use. Sometimes it seems to multiply rather than subtract.

I think about the woman in town who gave me bags of her fabric when I first decided to quilt. At the time, she said she wasn't going to continue quilting and then took it up again. I think about friends who donated their own leftovers or those whose relatives had passed who left behind materials that their family would not use. And then what came from my dear friend, whose Daughters gave me boxes of her supplies. All of them contributed to what I have. In some rare cases, I bought fabrics myself. Some times the fabrics were to finish off a scrappy quilt, and sometimes I bought specific fabrics that were for a specific reason. 

I think I like the scrappy quilts more than when I buy fabrics. Seems like I can stretch my creative juices with scrappy quilts and have less misses than when I try to shop. I am simply not a shopper. Not for fabric. Not for other things. I like scrap quilting. I really need and want to make more backs from the squares I've cut. I like the look of those kinds of backs and know that it takes me much more time to make them than it would to go out and buy 5-6 yards and make one seam.

Fireworks seemed quick tonight. Weather was nice here in the valley. No winds to blow them away. The valley is pretty flat, so you can see the fireworks from just about anywhere. Some of us just pull chairs out and just look up. 

There is the sky at night. This pic is not quite as dark as it gets here but the starlight is the same. Its amazing to be so close to the night and feel like you could reach up at touch the stars.

And tomorrow. Well, like Scarlett O'Hara said, 'I'll think about it tomorrow.'

I read the Bargello directions again and had a friend look at them with me to be sure of what I was doing. So this is my next WIP.

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