Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Lost Pieces

One of the challenges after leaving a project is that cut fabrics can go missing. No matter how one labels or leaves notes to self, things happen. The other day, I wanted to save the leftovers from a quilt I basted and use them for binding. Well, without thinking and because I did not write a note to self, I cut the leftovers into squares and put them in the bins. Sure enough, when it came time to cutting the binding strips, that fabric was elsewhere.

(No photos of the current project.) I had my share of snafu's today, but feel much better than when I had that stomach bug.

The quilt I am currently making will have two sides to it so that it is reversible. Both are different from each other so that the new owner of this quilt can chose what they want to have top side up. The colors will be different. The patterns will be too. I am making the 9-patch back for it from the bin of 4" squares. I'll put as many of them together as I can and trim to fit the front part when it is done.

Ideally, the 9-patch should have a good contrast to each block. In some cases, it should have either 4 patches the same, or 5 patches the same so it doesn't end up looking too busy. Well, ideally doesn't always happen in scrappy quilting. What I do find is that it takes on a life of its own and usually turns out better than I thought it would. So I just go with what is under the needle.

I have got to use what Is here. Over the years, I've saved usable scraps just so I could join them for backs. Whatever is here will make up a back and then get sized and set aside to be used for the comfort quilt project.

I've joined in on the controversy quilters have about whether or not to wash the quilt before giving it to someone. In almost all cases, I have not pre-washed them and sent along a few Color Catchers. This particular quilt has a lot of white for background and because it is really scrappy, may suffer color bleed. I have not decided yet if It will get pre-washed or go with the Color Catchers. Lots of different fabrics are risky with the white. Hmmmm.

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