Saturday, July 21, 2018

Hallows Mug Rugs & Quilt Top

While it might seem like I am quilting fast, I am actually finishing projects started earlier. They are called UFOs or unfinished objects.

The quilt top went together fast because the squares were done and only needed piecing. Its not my favorite top but it will make a nice Hallows decorating accent for someone. I didn't see how the fabric compromised the points when it was first cut so many years ago. I could have redone the stars because there was enough of that fabric left, but didn't find it worth my time to go back to do it. Not sure if I will get it finished in time for the holiday. No back planned.

The mug rugs came from a panel and used scraps to finish them. Four are clipped and ready to hand sew binding. One is in an envelope headed to a new owner. However many of the 4 that get ready will also be mailed in the morning. 

I am using up the scraps in my closet and will be happy to have them all completed. 

This quilt is an anniversary gift, so what it needs right now is for me to examine it for loose threads and clip them off. I am a little concerned about the blue batik bleeding and will send them a box of Color Catchers. I might ask if she wants me to pre-wash it for her instead. The party is in Vegas in a couple of weeks, so it is so ready for wrapping and tucking away til then.

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