Sunday, September 8, 2013

As if I needed more to do

The library here in town is small and only open a few days a week. I teach a class there every other Saturday, so arrive early and look through the books on Quilting. This weekend, I looked for things to make for the holidays. I never know what might be found. This book cover had a photo of a pillow made with mens' tie points. When my Father-in-Law passed, I inherited some ties and jewelry and always thought I might make something with them. I've tried, but they always look junky.

This pattern is different, so I took apart the ties and plan to make this one (hopefully). I'll give them a soft heat press and see if the deep creases will soften.

Thing is, its actually made like a mini quilt using prairie points, so is a familiar look.

I loved that man. He and my Daddy were friends after they retired and used to meet almost every morning when they were both in town, and talk about their Grandsons. What a pair they were together. Its a friendship least expected by us, but really something they honored.

This is the year I decided to pass along the remnants of what I still have of them; Daddy's flag which I put in one of those triangular boxes, and his pipes, and now maybe, just maybe Dad's ties and jewelry.

Its all been with me long enough and I am ok with letting all of it go into the hands of their Grandsons. The pillow really is meant to go to their Great-Grandson, who would be the only one to carry on Dad's name, a patrilineal heritage. His Father can hold onto it until the boy is mature enough to know what he has and to keep it intact.

I want to plan the small pillow out before cutting into the ties. Once that is done, it is really done.

It makes me wonder why I did hold on to all of it for so long, maybe some notion that having those things kept them both with me.  I will be sure to post a picture.