Monday, September 9, 2013

Ordinary Days

I've been quilting most of the day, with time away for other ordinary tasks. Someone once told me that when the days are ordinary, its easier to fall into a trap of self-pity, thinking there is no purpose to what we do, engaging in a fear that life is going no where for us, and dreading what others will think about us.

My other option, and one I chose often, is to see my life as an adventure. When I do this, its like I have this switch I turn on that helps me look for the wonder around me. Some people have always called me a dreamer, like that was something ill-gotten.

Well, one day, I started calling myself a visionary, and for whatever reason, it made what I do on my ordinary days special and full of adventure.

Artist: Luke Brown

I love this art....the right hand is on fire with passion and is directive while the left hand is water cooled and able to flow.

It could have been a boring day. I'll give anyone that. I pinned, pieced, unpinned, pressed and started it over again. Sometimes I even ripped out seams where I put the wrong sides together. My goal to make FIFETY-SIX 16-patch blocks together is not even a third accomplished. This is no easy-breezy quilt assembly!

I've decided to bag it now (yes its going to be one of my PIGS) and take a break from it. This will allow me to gather more fabric options for the 2.5" squares. And that allows me to give myself permission to bring out a different project and work on it.

After all, my goal is to make at least 30 quilts in 2014!