Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Strip Piecing

I've done this strip piecing before and have ended up with some Orphans This time, I was focusing on creating something for the MugRug Swap.  It started by simply piecing them together in strips.

 And then, I cut and re-pieced. Angles were making it most interesting. So I made a piece that measured 10x12 so there would be two Mug Rugs from it.

These are the two resulting cuts from my playing with fabric. Its interesting to me that these smaller, mini quilts are almost more difficult. I am not sure if it is the confinement of space to work with or simply that I am working without a pattern on them. This first piece is nice and will serve quite well as a Mug Rug. It has a feel of being solid and stationary in movement.

 They coordinate color but have two completely different looks to them that, unfortunately cannot be replecated. This second piece has less horizontal/vertical lines and seems to represent new directions in the way it seems to move. In both, the green forms a directional line to my eye.

I found a couple of patterns that make up smaller stars and will try my luck at them later this week using other color combinations for Fall. 

This morning, I am ready to baste two more quilts that need to ship out by the end of the month. Each will be simply quilted by machine, then basted.

Mornings here are chilling down and seem darker. Its a good time to work with a quilt over me in the early mornings by the light of the fireplace. I enjoy every part of quilting, but seem to enjoy this part most as the seasons shift.