Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Pay It Forward

Just this morning, I signed up for a new Pay It Forward project on a quilter's blog called Alsha's Space. I have yet to hear from her if my request to join was approved, but thought I would go ahead and set it up on my blog.

Here's how it works. I will take the first three names (and email addresses) from anyone interested in this challenge and agree to make and send you a little hand made fabric art within a year. You will not know when it is coming or what it might be. 

YOU agree to post this same offer wherever it works for you (Facebook, your family gathering, your work group, or wherever you can post it) and then, make and send something you have made to those three people. It carries through so that every person agreeing to Pay It Forward only makes three items, just like you can see from the cute graphic above. You must give them the same information about paying it forward to three other people. To keep it going, they need to be aware of the guidelines here.

I've been doing the PIF's for several years now. If you are not a quilter but want to join, please consider what it is you can make, and what sort of guidelines would work for you. I've always thought that it could be an anonymous act of kindness given toward someone in your neighborhood. You decide how you will pay it forward.

Doing here, online, opens to anyone reading this blog.