Friday, September 27, 2013

Bye-bye babies, bye-bye

Yesterday was more than I expected. "Winter is Coming" was finished, checked and wrapped. Part of the final check on all of them was on the binding corners. A number of other quilters I know say they do the same re-inforcing. Each one was wrapped in tissue (loosely) with a ribbon tied around them so I could cut it and send it off 'with no strings attached'.

Seven quilts shipped out this morning.  FedX charges were about $88 for weight and required signatures. I understand the places where quilts go missing is during shipping, so I put an extra energetic protection on each one.

Its funny when the clerk asked for a declared value because art by those of us unknown is rarely valued for its real worth. 

One of my teachers in town says that you can take the cost of all your materials and then add a zero. I just spent $10.64 at her store this morning. When I finish with the two Mug Rugs I plan to make from it, by that calculation, they would price out at more than $106.40 because it takes thread and batting to finish them. NO ONE, including me would buy a single Mug Rug for $55. 

An artist who does understand the value of their work and does put such a fair price, sometimes sees people walk on by. They know the person loves it, wants it, but often cannot afford it. The risk is in holding firm with the price and not taking the walk-on-by personally.

I am seeing a huge drop in the online class registrations this fall. Its very unsettling because I know the lineup is good...great even. 

I think people get caught up in negative thinking about their resources and then run away in fear and avoid spending anything on what might improve their well-being.

The kind of person I want to be and hope I am, is the kind of person who believes today is my lucky day. Today I walk with confidence, moving from my center and walking with an open heart. Long ago, I learned that life is too short not to be in love with myself. And that simply means drawing others to me who can also love their selves.