Thursday, September 5, 2013

Buy, Buy, Buy!

There are two quilt fabric stores in town, and like other stores, what is inside is purchased by the owner. Luckily, both have different tastes in colors and fabric choices and carry top of the line fabrics which are getting closer to $12 a yard and up already.  Sigh.

I finished adding borders to the purple quilt for my Granddaughter, and read the book to discover that the prairie points are added last. So it has become a PIGS (project in a grocery sack)...well, wait its in one of those big blue Ziploc does that make it a PIZ ? Whatever. It needs 5 yards for backing and can wait til these seasonal quilts get shipped out before the holidays.

Because there was thread on the bobbin, I pieced more of those 16-patch blocks. They are at the stage now of being 8-patches, and so need to go onto my design board for final placement.

Random joining works when its 2-blocks, and even when those 2 join to make a 4-patch. However, because this is going to be a holiday quilt, there are several holiday prints sprinkled in the mix. No more random placing at this stage so that there is a good balance of color and holiday fabrics.

This one is in a clear Baggie. I guess the PIGS term gives way here to simply being a UFO. Oh these terms!

While I worked on both of these projects, I had THE SECRET as shown on Hulu. It gets turned off when I leave the room for some other reason, so its run from the beginning three times now, which makes me wonder what I am to learn from it.

The movie started me thinking about how I 'called' in fabric for several years and have a great abundance of it right now. I am filled with deep gratitude to those beautiful friends in my life who gift me with small surprises of quilting notions and beautiful material in the mail that support my fabric art. 

It also reminded me how it works, and the first thing is to list what you want or need, imagine it, feel it and then receive it.

Yet, it touches me that I return to the beginning of the movie. Three times now. Three is the charm, and so rather than quilt or otherwise engage in some distraction, I am going to spend the afternoon with a notepad and pen, and watch it start to finish.

Oh, and by the way, when I stopped into one of the stores this morning, I bought a gorgeous piece of teal/aqua/and green holiday print, and a very beautiful Hallows panel. Opps, not on my budget. But clearly manifested in my desires.