Friday, September 13, 2013

Working Behind the Scenes

I've done a lot of quilting today, however, you might not be able to see anything as 'accomplished', because there are so many steps to the work and not all of them worth photographing. Through it all, I marvel at the wonder of my life as I touch fabric scraps that get re-sorted into groups or piles for the current project.

I look ahead with hopeful anticipation as each project evolves. It feels like being on a special journey every day, being excited about the yesterdays when memories come up, and then finding my fears released in an experience uniquely of my own creation. 

Patterns and colors come alive as they get re-purposed and matched with other scraps from previous projects. Very little gets wasted, even the smallest inch strips. This re-purposing has got to make an impact (for my part) in reducing landfills.

I loaded five bobbins of pink in preparation for the free motion quilting on the Hallows Ghastelys quilt, and pulled out black thread for the top part. I am new to this part of quilting & have yet to develop enough confidence. Therefore, I tend to put it off and put other projects in front of it.

My online batting order had been delivered, and my personal preference is to pre-wash/dry it. Again, its personal preference because the package says it will shrink 3% in the first wash/dry. I simply want to even the playing field for it against the fabrics that are also pre-washed. Some quilters just use all their materials from the store and are satisfied with those results.

I also worked on the creation of Mug Rugs. I love the rich colors of Fall fabrics and hope that whomever gets these mini quilts will enjoy what I am piecing. No pictures until they are received so that the person gets to see them first.