Sunday, September 22, 2013

Blessed Art Those Who Inherit the Quilts

Quilting on Saturday was getting those completed projects ready for shipping. I didn't blog.

The minor details of pulling loose threads, making sure the name of the recipient is on the quilt, with its name, my name and the date (I only add the year) are all things that take time. 

This morning, I made a potato-leek soup and started a paper craft project that will go out before Solstice. It will sit on the dining room table so that we can work on it when time allows.

Not so these quilts. These are going out this week!  Four to one house, and three more to other homes. I find a great deal of happiness bringing each creation to completion. Its become a passion that goes beyond the whisper it was when I first started quilting.

I've evolved personally like my skill in quilting has developed. Each quilt has become as familiar as a memory, precious and priceless as each person who will receive them. I look at the colors blending and coordinating in ways that are uniquely my own vision.

I believe that they are treasures inside a box that will soon arrive on the doorsteps, so unexpectedly, so in-the-moment bringing something that only a quilt can symbolize, like warmth, comfort, shielding from outside forces. 

This afternoon I will be binding the fourth quilt that goes into the box and off to my Nephew and his family. I am looking forward to having it on my lap because the nights keep getting chillier. THIS is the perfect season to quilt and to enjoy the creation one more time before it goes off to its destination across the country to where winter is really Winter in Minnesota.

Blessed are they? Yes, with every stitch I make.