Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Driving Through the Desert

As I thought about what to do or make during the next week for Selfish Sewing, I thought about all the scraps that have collected in storage boxes. I've spent time cutting fabrics from various projects and have them sorted into 2.5" strips, and squares that range from 10" down to 2.5". I pulled out the box that has the strips because its overflowing.

Then, this morning, I started looking at potential scrappy strip patterns and found this one called a Roman Stripe. If I make myself a comfort quilt, it has to be easy and something that will go together quickly. 

As I drove through the desert thinking about the concept of selfishness, it seemed that my world became full of possibilities. With scrap quilting, the more variety of fabrics in a quilt, the better it seems to go together. Ah well, not this week.

Today, I need to wrap the four quilts for one of my Nephews and his family, and ship them off. This is the largest of the four and was made with holiday materials, primarily used from leftovers on other projects. I adapted a pattern I found in one of the magazines I browsed through, and really love how it turned out. 

It does work for me to use the scraps, and I do enjoy the gifts from my friends who share what they cannot use. It sometimes makes me identify with the early pioneer women who made such heirloom quilts by using old dresses, shirts and flour sacks. Its simply a tradition.

And I have to get on with my machine quilting today and finish  up the others. I am looking forward to shipping them all out by Monday.