Monday, September 30, 2013

Sew Selfish

I promised myself to honor this week as one where I join the SELFISH SEWING WEEK, even though it was scheduled last week during a real rush to ready and ship out seven quilts. 

I've got a pretty good size container of 2.5" strips and think I will make a large one-block Log Cabin quilt in the same way I made a comfort quilt for my Niece Manda before she surrendered to leukemia. You can see how I took special care to use the light and dark of each color around the center. It has a very interesting diagonal line through it. For mine, I want to make it a bit more random using any light and dark. However much that gets done on this will be fine. It will be a WIP (work in process) for the next SELFISH SEWING WEEK  maybe in November.

This morning I went back to the floral material I culled from my stash for the Row of the Month quilt. This reflects a separating by light, medium, and dark florals. I was quite surprised with so many pieces of dark.

Then I pulled the dark pile out to see the colors and it got more interesting to me because of the reds.

The mediums held golds and some other odd color entries. Thing is that once the fabrics get cut and combined, they will change energy and fit together in very different ways. 

My decision is to purchase some light florals, and perhaps look for some that are brighter to add to the mix.

Every time I re-group the stash that is stored in my closets, its like stepping into a new environment of my own making. I realize that its my responsibility to make something with what has been given me. And when I see that what I have to work with is not quite within my vision, then I can bring more of what I need or want to me.

I could have just said that I missed the SELFISH SEWING WEEK last week and not done it. However, it is a good thing to do something-anything that is just for me. It is a responsible thing to do and I am quite excited to start it this morning!