Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Calling in More Light

Day #1 of the Sew Selfish was very interesting. I had found the box of 2.5" strips, thought about what I wanted to do with them that was easy-easy-easy, and then yesterday started sorting them.

My choice to make a single-block Log Cabin to fit my queen size bed was influenced by the tradition of the block's construction. The center of it represents the hearth or the home. The lighter colors represent the various joys one experiences like weddings, birth of babies, and other happy times and celebrations. The darker colors symbolize the challenges of life, like financial worries, arguments, divorce, deaths of loved ones.

As you remember, my fabrics have come to me through a lot of my friends who wanted to pass along their scraps. I wash and sort them all and then pull from the stash to make quilts. And usually there is a trip to one of the fabric stores to purchase material for block fillers, borders, or backing.

My plan was to sort into two bags, one light and one dark, and then just randomly pull from the appropriate bag. Much to my surprise, there were more darks than lights in the pre-cut strips. I pulled out more light pieces and started cutting to make the bags more equal.

Here is the result of my piecing for yesterday, and is a 24" block, with a long way to make the queen size top.

It surprised me that it is turning out to have that same diagonal line that came through on Manda's comfort quilt. With her's I took so much more time in matching the dark-light of specific colors, where here with this one, I am not concerned at all with what I pull. The point is to just pull and not think.

Oh, and notice the center. I selected that 4" block from my Orphan stash. Its a sewn strip piece and I thought it was a good metaphor of how many times I have moved, having to take apart my household and set it up again.

I am enjoying the project for myself. I don't have to think much about the design or pattern and can use up fabrics that have been kicking around far too long, and yet have value. The goal is to have a quilt for my bed that brings me warmth when the night air chills the room. 

The quilt already has a name; Dreamtime. Dreams often come to us in bits and pieces over a period of time. It is important to focus on dreams for ourselves so that we know what we can have, understand the good dreams others have for us, who we are, where we are, where we have been and where we are going.