Monday, October 28, 2013


Many times when I make a choice that goes against convention, it still leaves me feeling exposed to the world and that I am taking a risk. When it turns out ok, then I feel safer and more secure, and carry with me the confidence to try something more on the edge again.

David's quilt is at the finishing stage. I decided to flip the Faux-piped Binding so that the piping was on the back and the front had the traditional look of binding. I tried folding here for a sneak peek and that you can see both the back and front. More on Saturday for this week's reveal.

The back is this darker brown fabric so the piping makes it pop, and makes the lighter brown dots on the fabric pattern come alive. It was a good choice. I wasn't real keen on sewing in the ditch without knowing how it would turn out on back, so I kept stopping and checking every 6" or so. 

And when I looked at it closer, I saw a few spots that have to be re-done just for strength. If all goes good with it and all it needs is a tuck here and there, I will declare it completed by tonight.

Last night I pressed the material for the aprons and cut one of them. Its wise for me to make one at a time because I am not really confident with garment sewing. These will go to the aides in a local Infant Nursery center. Aprons are so pricey and most people starting out in education are paid minimum wages. Having an apron while working with babies means a bit of protection against spit-up, snotty noses and leaky diapers. 

When I think of choices that people make for their careers, so many of us are under-paid for the good work we do. And I shake my head when it comes to how little any teacher makes whether she works with early education or adults. 

I love teaching. And for me, it was never about the money.