Thursday, October 31, 2013

Pay It Forward

The concept of Paying It Forward is not new to me. There is a very ancient history to Pay It Forward, recorded back as far as 317 BC in Greece up to recent national and global organizations for our times, that all encourage us to repay our life benefits to others rather than to our benefactors.

And humans being who they are, have taken this concept to heart for all these centuries. We do it in all sorts of unseen ways, and the stories shared are endless and heart-warming.

Last night, I finished the last of my official  Pay-It-Forward projects for this year. This one is for Rexie whose blog is at She was a particular challenge to make something for because she is incredibly artistic.  AND until she receives it, I don't want to post a photo of it here.

She and I are doing the Calendar block of the month and I can post this one, even though it belongs to the Saturday reveal. The block she sent me is coming through the mail system and when it does, I will post them both.

The pattern comes from the October 1998 issue of McCall's Quilting and is called "Wee Witches". It has 9 witches done in a variety of scrap pieces for a very cute wall hanging or smaller quilt. It was challenging to make just one block from the instructions, but she really is cute. None of them have faces, however, knowing Rexie, she will add the face and possibly applique a cat or bat or Moon on the block before she is finished with it. That is how she rolls. I am keeping this pattern because I would love to make it with more than the 9 on it and make it into more of a lap size quilt.

Today, I plan to start addressing the packaging for the first round of shipping going out before Thanksgiving. I've also started making a few more Mug Rugs for holiday gifts.

Hmmm....the thought just came to me that I am avoiding making those aprons. Next on my list to do.