Saturday, October 5, 2013

Comfort Quilts

My Nephew posted a note on his Sister's Facebook page, though she (Manda) has been gone several months now. He went onto FB because he knew I tagged him on pictures of quilts I made and shipped to his family. I never said they were 'comfort' quilts, but found myself taking comfort in making them and hoping they might feel it.


Generative Spirituality is based on the theory that human development continues throughout life, and that healthy and prosperous adult development involves and reflects the nurturing of the next generation.

The theory continues that generative spirituality involves a behavioral component that is active and in it find a way to treat others compassionately and fairly. It serves to ground and connect family members.

The practice is two-fold in that it touches the practitioner as well as the recipient.

I woke up dreaming about Manda this morning, and in it was having a conversation with her about all we missed and would miss together. My Nephew's post to her was almost the same, though from his brotherly perspective. And so I responded to him that I remembered our last hug and hoped to see him on my trip back there in June.

I was given some more fabric. I am in the midst of making Mug Rugs, and this panel will make nine small ones about 4x15 in a holiday theme.

I can use more of my batting scraps and they will sew up quickly. Usually I send a box of cookies to each of my Grandchildren, and so these mini quilts are going with the box with a note.  I hadn't thought about them being a comfort quilt, but in a way they are. What could be better than a kid getting a box of cookies from Granny just for them?

And yes, this continues to be Generative. Continues to hold every stitch a prayer.