Friday, October 11, 2013

Yes, I did it again: Joined Another Group

Coloradolady: Secret Santa Soiree 2013 Signup Link

After reading the guidelines, this really appealed to me as a Winter Activity so I signed up! In truth, my Italian family giftbringer is LaBefana, but I am sure she will smile sweetly and indulge me this guilty pleasure of the season.

As I get more into this fabric art of quilting, I browse the blogs and pages other artists put up of their work, and usually I am blown away by what I see. Its good though, giving me something to reach for in my own work.

This event is not for quilters only as much as it is for those people who blog. I was #5 on Suzanne's list and that always feels like my lucky number. From what I read, the next thing that comes our way is a questionnaire.

I used to create a kind of list for my family members to fill out so that whomever got their name could have a little edge on shopping for items that would please them.

Another one of the guidelines for this soiree is to blog about the gifts we receive. I can hardly wait! There is something so special about getting mail that isn't a bill or some junky advertising. Let the game begin! I am ready to receive all manner of good things!