Thursday, October 17, 2013

Life is Short

Many new experiences in life are terrifying for someone who wants to do things correctly. I know that I act either out of love or out of fear. 

When I move out of fear, I am asking, "What if?" and when I move out of love, I am asking, "Why not?" Real subtle questions that a person gets when they feel that fear or feel that love.

When I quilt and try something new, it scares me that I will ruin the work I have done. And that fear immobilizes me. I read about people doing practice pieces, and decided that everything is practice for me, and everything teaches me something new.

I woke up pretty excited to start the day after having a great night of sleep and waking to those kinds of dreams I have that give me ideas for what I want to accomplish. After breakfast, I drove into town to run errands. And of course, part of those errands was to stop into one of the fabric stores in town.

I bought two pieces that will serve as the backs for those mini quilts I am making (one for Sami) and the other for the Doll Quilt Swap.

Larger prints for the back are going to present my next experiment in quilting. It seems to me that some free motion quilting around those shapes might make for an interesting pattern on the top. In both cases, these tops are so very lovely. And it also seems to me that the plan for the free motion will be a good way to practice!