Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Disappearing 9-Patch

Every day I see with new eyes.  And how these quilts come together with new combinations of color and patterns is always exciting, and usually a surprise.

I am coming to love this Disappearing 9-Patch pattern. I've made it three times now on a smaller scale, and it goes together so easily. Here are two of them ready to hand sew the binding, clip threads and then ship out!  Well, waiting more towards the end of November to get to folks for their Thanksgiving holiday.

 I hesitate to share the full pics on any before the recipient sees them. These are corner edges before the hand sewing, and the pattern isn't really visible.

The apron concept baffles me yet. Even though they are just two rectangles that are for the bib and the lap, its just such a mystery. There is a big difference between sewing garments and piecing a quilt. Only one is cut for now and as I struggle with  it, I can see there is a need for me to suspend my fears and my lack of confidence.   I did sew on this one for awhile yesterday and ended up ripping one section. Grrr....I say. Grrr.