Friday, October 25, 2013

So Excited

Simple things in life get me excited. 

With so many odd pieces of fabric that were given to me, combined with fabrics leftover from purchases I made to complete various projects, its both a challenge and a joy to find good use for them. Yesterday, I found and combined materials to make a mini quilt for my Nephew Cole. He's a guy living on his own now, but was raised by a Mother, my Sister, who loves all the holidays and decorates with such lusciousness that you feel you've stepped into Wonderland.

With this small piece, still a practice piece, I was able to test out the decorative stitches, AND try my hand at a Faux-Piped Border. It turned out great!

The Faux-Piping is the thin blue between the two brown fabrics. Its a simple technique once I got the hang of how to press it and fold it. Reading instructions always requires a bit of internal translation for me to make it happen. Luckily, I selected two fabrics that were of higher contrast. Some of the tutorials online used fabrics that almost looked like each other and were very hard for me to distinguish what I was seeing.

I've laid the piece out to show a front corner over a back corner. Come Saturday, I will do another Saturday Reveal for the list you see in the sidebar.

The piece is appropriate for young master Cole. It combines fabrics used in an Uncle's quilt and his Cousin's quilt that symbolize a connection to family. And the Faux-Piped Border brings in the energy for him to risk new things. It should accent his home however he decorates, if he decorates.

And this excites me. 

Part of generative spirituality is what it does to the practitioner as much as how it effects the recipient. We do these acts for our own soul work, for our own sense of connection to family.