Thursday, October 10, 2013

What's Next?

When one quilt is finished and shipped out, there is a sense of calm and satisfaction. That lasted until I got home from the shipping office.

Before I started up with something new, I deliberately relaxed my entire body, starting at the top of my head and working my way down to my feet. When I take the time to do this, its almost like scanning skin, body parts, muscles, and organs to notice if there is any stress hanging on. I ran a bath and sunk beneath the water to further let go where I had been with the quilt I sent out. 

The warmth of the water was almost like slipping into a dream state. As I sat there for a bit, washing, my mind began to visualize the people in my life whom I love. I started remembering them and the quilts that would soon come their way.

Luckily, I keep a spreadsheet of my WIP (Works in Process) and know that a short rest between them is ok. In the early days, when I left a project alone for even a short month, by the time I returned to it, I had to read the pattern, lay out the pieces and then figure out what I was doing with it. That was time consuming. Now I highlight the steps on the pattern that I have taken so I can tell what is next, and even write myself a note in case there was some different step I took.

I came home and ran these little panel mug rugs through my machine and finished simple lines on them. Today, I will cut and attach the candy cane binding and hand sew them tonight. The Grandkids will love them with their cookies. 

Then, I added the final draft labels to my Mug Rug Swap. I don't want to post pictures here yet so they come as a surprise to my partner. I want to get better making those things into something cute or funny or charming. Those were pretty bland with just the required words on them.

I finished the October calendar BOM for Rexie, and again am only showing a corner of it which is probably more than she should see.

I've made an appointment for next Friday in my clubhouse to baste the 16-block log cabin meant for my Brother-in-Law's November birthday. That should go quickly and be ready to quilt and bind right away. And as I baste it, perhaps the name of the quilt will magickally appear.

This new Doll Quilt swap will be fun. I found a pattern that can be adapted for the minimum size requirements and spent time with my fabric stash. I found some interesting pieces that feel to me that they will work. The theme for the month of November is quilting with or for children. 

Visualization has always given me time to work through certain issues, as well as help in creating the most positive events I can imagine in my life.

Whew, you comment? Well, as they say, its how I roll. I found my cookie recipe for the ones going out to the Grandkids for Hallows next week, and I will be sure to post photos of them.

Its always about 'what's next' that keeps life worth living.