Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Making Christmas / Solstice

After seeing so much fabric in boxes at the meeting yesterday, I came home and decided to go through the box of holiday fabric I have. I pulled out all the pieces that have been simply tossed in the box and spent time cutting them into usable squares.

Under the influence of Janine's Making Christmas (Solstice for me), I have really flown through a lot of those things on my list...see the side bar for it. Most of my family members have something from me already that decorates their homes for the holidays. However, one of my Nephews moved out on his own recently, and so I decided to make a small table topper for him. I will be sure to post this finished mini.

I've learned to respect 'small things' through this fabric art. Small things or pieces are like details in life and can often be overlooked. However, to make something greater from them, the parts of it need to have an accuracy in selection, in cutting, in placement.

I've chosen a pattern for this piece that looks quite random in construction, and needs more care than you would think to make it work. I've started cutting some of the pieces, but how they go together remains to be seen on the design board.

One thing I have learned is to balance light, medium and dark. When I think of what that means in my life, I know that each does have its own value and that too much of one of them throws the entire experience off. 

It helps me remember when things are not going as good as I might like them, that I have the option to chose. Most of the time is about choosing my attitude in the situation. 

Lately, I have been choosing more light, and maybe that is really bringing back a balance after the passing of my Niece only six months ago. Drawing in more light means a pretty radical energy shift.  I want to see how this mini quilt progresses because it seems like its become another one of those lessons for me in clearing energy.