Sunday, October 13, 2013

Batter Up!

Oh, BATTING, not batter. This morning I ordered four more packages of my favorite batting, Warm & Natural, to use on my quilts. I have so many of them going right now, that I have learned to watch for batting on sale, and then order at least four at a time.  

I like how this one works for me as I quilt, and love how it feels when the quilt is together and lays on my lap for the hand work. I know there are many kinds out there to use, and each has its benefits.

Batting is a bit like life when you unfold it, and you cannot see how the folds work at first, so it comes apart a bit at a time for you to get perspective. I tape the bottom piece for the quilt down on the table first, and watch how the fabric folds smooth out when the tape pulls it gently from the edges. The batting goes on, and like life, I tend to treat it gently so it doesn't tear in the process or even bunch up too much.

I take a long ruler and start smoothing it from the center going out to each of the edges. Always with a gentle touch.

My center core is where I always start my day. Oh sure, I do start with a cup of very strong Italian Roast coffee with some lovely Italian Sweet cream in it, while sitting in front of the fire. The fire is just as much a part of my core as the coffee and my spirit.

As I do this simple part of the quilting, it moves me how patient I have become with it, knowing that if I act with mindful motions, I will not have to spend time repairing what didn't go my way if I rushed through it.

Relax and let it unfold. What a simple lesson.