Saturday, October 12, 2013

Won a Giveaway

The Apple Festival / Oktoberfest is going on in town today, and there are many folks, both residents and tourists, who have filled the streets and the shops. Both fabric stores have drawings for baskets that I signed up for and would love to win. And in one of the stores, my partner & I happened to be there when a 'cowbell' ringing went off signaling a Fat Quarter Giveaway. As a more frequent shopper in that store, I knew where the Fat Quarters (FQ's) were and moved in for the selection.

Guess, that when a quilter is in full swing creating in her art, the gift of new fabric is a joy. I know right where these two pieces will go in my work, and so more cutting is in the future for today.

I almost wake up laughing in the mornings when I realize that even in my dreams, I am planning my next steps and next projects. It takes visualizing to another level.

Those two FQ's were much easier for me to select because I just did an inventory of my stash. Women standing next to me were mystified by the color and fabric choices. So much can be too much. 

Its a visual awareness of what I have and what I might need or want that made the difference for me in the store. I know there are times when I haven't looked at my things that are stashed away. I do that with issues in my life when I don't have the desire, time or energy to work with them.

Then when something triggers me and I do need the information I am avoiding, I am immobilized because suddenly a forced choice becomes no choice. And then not having the wherewithall to take appropriate action means that others chose for me.

In the store, with all customers reaching for the giveaway FQ's, if you don't decide for yourself, you get what is left.

These two FQ's are stunning together. Its like having a vision and seeing it become a dream come true can make your day.