Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Naming Traditions

Sami's quilt is ready to ship, except that I decided to add a quilt label to it. Previously, I've written 'secret' namings somewhere on the fabric for the new quilt owner to find. Often, I do get phone calls when they discover the surprise. My Sons' families always go looking.

One of the requirements for the Mug Rug Swap that I joined is to include a label on the back of each, and they are so small at 6x10". 

I bought some beige fabric patterned with small lines almost like you see in a kindergartner's practice book for printing.  I wrote a simple signature label with my name, the name of the quilt, the date and who it is for. 

Because I wanted to improve on it, I decided to look up some of the traditions.

When my sons were born, I had the worst time coming up with names that I thought they could live with. My own is hard to pronounce and even when I ask not to have it shortened, its surprising how many people refuse to think or say it correctly. 

I joined the Quilting Guild here in town this week, and they all make their own mini-quilt name tags. My memory is such that I wish everyone would wear one all the time! I am looking forward to making one for myself. 

As I started researching the quilt labels, and naming process, its clear that there are many options for this. I did find that others wrote on the fabric much like I had been doing.

And I think this one will serve fine for now, but as time moves along, I do believe some more creative thinking needs to happen.

I am energized by the quilting work of others, however, I know I must do this at my own pace and respect the rhythm that is best for me. Things can get harder than they really are when I compare myself to others or think I am not doing something correct in making the quilt. Guess its one of those joys in wanting to be a perfectionist and coming to realize that sometimes enough is even better.

My own pace will take me through these quilting steps, and I am enough. It is enough.