Monday, October 14, 2013

When its a Gift

I've been the lucky recipient of fabrics from friends who are no longer sewing or quilting. Sometimes the fabric goes into one of my containers and waits.  This Fall I participated in a Fall Mug Rug Swap and constructed several before making the ones for my Swap partner. 

Then I received a panel print that I saw would work for cookie-mug rugs for the Grandkids, and today, peeking out through a clear container was another panel that always seemed hopeless.  Experience changed it for me. I cut it up this afternoon, and think I can make it work for some easy mug rug gifts for folks who DO celebrate Christmas.

The design and colors on this panel are old fashioned replicas, but might make it hard to match, so tonight, I will pull out the stash boxes and see if I can find anything to work with them. Dark greens, perhaps.

Other projects I worked on today will be gifted during the holidays, so until they are shipped and received, its not a good idea to post them. With Rebecca and Janine's blog party of Making Christmas urging us on to get our projects done before the holidays, its become quite inspirational. Rebecca is the first brainstorming host for the October 19th week.  

I've got two small projects headed for my design board so I can test their layouts. With this fabric art, my common sense visualization skills have sparked more imagination for me in all facets of my life.

When I can see how a altering a pattern will work out, it also builds the kinds of confidence to know that other parts of life will work out too.Imagination is a very powerful tool in life.

Most of us lose our imaginations as we grow up. I'm not sure what happens, if its the schools we go to that demand logical and critical thinking, or the culture that sets its limits on us. Either way, it becomes harder to dream, to imagine and to visualize.

With quilting, even being gifted with fabric pieces we might not buy for ourselves, if we let it peek out through the clear plastic long enough, and see it often enough, suddenly some inspiration happens. Imagination, visualization, and then magickally, it becomes something of heart-value.