Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Good Way to Start

This practice piece is meant for me to work on the free motion quilting again. One of the women at the Comfort Quilt meeting was doing a very large stipple pattern on one of the quilts. As I watched her, I realized that I had been thinking too small when I did them. She reminded me that even on the smaller pieces, that the purpose of the quilting was to hold the sandwich together and that as a beginning free motion quilter, that this was a good way to start.

This is the scrap table top I made yesterday. I will add batting and a back, baste it and then play with the free motion quilting on it. I've got my Brother-in-Law's quilt laid across my bed this morning, and am still thinking how to name it. If I feel confident in the free motion work, I'd like to do his that way.

Yesterday, I went to the Tehachapi Tibetan Monastery where the Lama's were working on a Sand Mandala dedicated to kindness, compassion and enduring peace. It surprised me to see quilts used everywhere in their workspace as well as draped on altars throughout the retreat center.

It touched me deeply to see how the spiritual energy of any art form exists for us the world over. Someone made this quilt for this purpose and added their energy to the foundation for them to drop one grain of sand at a time. The complexity of who we are comes down to something so simple as that one stitch, one prayer, one heart.