Friday, October 11, 2013

Cut the Vision Quest

Someone once told me that visualizing is a tool but not really a way to control things. I am always thinking about things that create pictures in my mind. And sometimes when my thoughts manifest, its almost scary how spot on they were to my mental plan for an outcome. I think that if I can see something turn out with a positive flavor, whether or not it does, it is better for me to see the good than not to see any possibility.

Yesterday, I did a lot of prep work, all the time holding visions for the outcomes.

The panel-patterned Mug Rugs for the Grandkids were machine basted with binding on them. I hand sewed binding on three of them last night, getting nice practice on the mitered corners. I always wonder what the person who bought the fabric thought about and then, also wonder why they passed it on. I found use for them only because I had made the few Mug Rugs as practice for that Swap and could see their potential.


Then I cut out the pieces for the BOM my local friend and I are doing together. This is block #5 and we will get together next week to compare what we did on #4. She & I are doing the same patterns for the BOM, just in different sizes and also using our own fabric scraps. Luckily there was a vision in the beginning, because, I am just following my own directions I placed in small bags for each month. My original vision for this quilt is tucked away at the bottom of the tote bag where all the parts are stored. It makes sense when the two of us get together, but not as I am working on it, piece by piece. I have lost sight of the big picture for the time being.

Then I cut out the pieces to the Calendar BOM for November that Rex and I are swapping. Rex is a bit ahead of me with her quilting skills. She is skilled at applique and has begun to experiment with paper piecing, both of which, at least for this time, hold little interest for me. She uses all sorts of techniques that are the newer concepts, and of course lives in a larger shopping area than I do. Within our swapping experience, I am learning to release my intimidation and keep envisioning a better outcome. I love my own challenge for each month to select a pattern that anyone would look at and say, "yes, this is November."

And then, I need a mini-quilt name tag for the Quilting Guild I joined. I found an orphan in my stash that I think might work. I'll play with this and if it doesn't, I'll try something different. I was going for some fabric that might look like the end of Fall for November, and may make a series of them for each month. I think I am just going to write my name on the striped fabric and sew it on as a label. The other part of this vision is to make this one reversible and have the other side show off a December theme. Still thinking, still envisioning.

Then I stopped in at one of the fabric stores in town to buy material to make a table top mini quilt for my Granddaughter's new apartment and first holiday season on her own. She told me the colors she wants to use are 'pink, silver, blue and purple'.

The purple is stunning with how it brings in blue and a black into the fabric. I think this will be a lovely piece and am eager to start on it. It might make up with the dimensions required for the Doll Quilt Swap, and will give me some perspective.

Guess along with all my visions and plans, I need to create something practical and tangible too. Each project I finish gives me an idea for the next ones. 

I am planning a couple of scrappy quilts that take specific colors, and so every once in awhile, when I sort through my stash, I can pull out pieces that will go and tuck them into those boxes. And I also am thinking about the theme for the Doll Quilt Swap next month that is 'quilting with or for children'. 

I have an idea.