Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Choices We Make

Choices we make lead us on, however and wherever our paths take us through the day. While the big decisions shape our destiny, smaller ones like thoughts, imaginations and intentions are what heal our souls and shape our present moment, as well as the present moments in those lives we touch.  

I bought some lighter fabrics yesterday, washed, pressed and cut them for the SEW SELFISHLY project and laid others with the ROW OF THE MONTH quilt still in the planning stages. Both projects are meant to take a little longer to finish and therefore I am doing what I can to move the first of them along this week by actually piecing it. 

I am gathering pattern ideas for the rows. And because I am in a Mug Rug Swap, I am making small blocks with those new patterns into the mug rugs.  I finished this last night and decided to ship it off to my Daughter-In-Law's Mother who is going through chemo for breast cancer. My Mother always used to bring people beautiful roses from her garden when they were recovering from illnesses or accidents. She said they did more good for a living person.

I will finish the binding on the one below (which combines the colors differently) to ship off to one of my Nieces who is a single parent and who works on her feet all day. The pattern of the 6" block is called "Coming Home" and had those little flying geese...going in a downward direction. The backs both have that sort of gold color on them and so the darker brown fabric sets it off nicely and makes it reversible. 

I like the notion of 'coming home' because it is what I have done over the years when I return to MN and to my family and friends after being gone awhile. My trips back have become fewer for a number of reasons. My next one is scheduled in June 2014 for one of my Granddaughter's graduation.

Also, the geese in this pattern and during this season remind me of what Fall there looks like, sounds like, and smells like. It is October at its finest. The choices I made for these mug rugs were all based upon lovely memories of steaming mugs of hot chocolate or Earl Gray Tea, while sitting in front of a fireplace listening to it crackle and hiss.

The One-block Log Cabin for my SEW SELFISH quilt, named "Dreamtime", is at a 36" square as of yesterday. A lot of the strips were not WOF (width of fabric) so are being joined to make a strip long enough, which is going to happen anyway as the block gets larger. The few pieces I bought are almost a drop in the bucket for what it will take to finish. However, I found great pleasure in recognizing a piece from a quilt I had made someone else and that connected me to that other quilt as well as the person I love who owns it.

This is going to be a very primitive quilt when it is completed, and be serviceable to me for the warmth it provides.

Choice? It is my all-time favorite word, the essence of which I never take for granted. I could write volumes on it and probably have over the decades of my life. 

I still have choices to make even when I use fabrics gifted to me. I have choices when I go into the fabric store.  And so you know, its not about the fabric or the quilting as much as it is the lesson I find within this experience. 

We have choices for our relationships, for our work, education, for people we elect to office. And when it seems that life or the culture or even our own bodies leave us less able or less wealthy or less happy, we still have choices to make in our attitudes and the next step we take. 

Clearly, I will need to bring in more Light---more divine Light, lighter fabric colors, lighter attitudes. My choice is based on the metaphor I learned about having more dark fabrics here.