Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hallows Rail Fence

I enjoyed piecing this quilt and the challenge that a scrap Rail Fence pattern provided. Halloween fabric is often outrageous for whatever reason, so I added the black between the blocks and for the first border. 

Basting at my community clubhouse is such a gift for ease in layout. Much easier to lean over a table than to struggle on the floor. The ruler helps smooth the fabric, removing lumps or bubbles, and straightens it out to better hold crisp lines. 

The brightness of all this color made me think of the new quilt owner. She has the most gorgeous smile that starts with light in her eyes and a laugh about to spill out, to her open and warm body language. It was fun making it for her and imagining her on their couch under the quilt reading to her Sons. 

People in my family who get these early versions of my quilting receive the ones made with squares and rectangles and simple quilting that follows the ditches. 

It makes me think of how we are as humans learning what we came here to know, doing what we can in ways that our current skills present. We...well, I measure my work against what I see others do and it helps me want to achieve more and do better with what I share.

Everyone I admire raises that bar of excellence for me.

And I know that my work in this art form is still at that early stage. It still makes me laugh over the conversation I had at Project Linus on Saturday with the woman who told me she never lets quilters see her work.

What would they say? In my experience, most quilters encourage me, and point out other ways of doing something rather than to say I did it wrong.

I think those quilters understand that in creating something, its like birthing a child and no matter how healthy or dysfunctional that child is, it is still yours. And we care about what we create whether it is a pot of coffee or a lovely quilt.

ooooohhhh, that's pretty or ooooooohhhh, that tastes wonderful.

Oh coffee. Yes. And, Happy Full Moon!