Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Experiences Thread Together

Today has been spent simply chain sewing. I do this every time there is thread left on the bobbin and use it up in piecing these small squares. This step in quilt-making requires matching, pinning, piecing, unpinning, pressing, and matching again. One could get bored, which is why I like to take a quilt to another step, and return it to its' bag (PIGS) and put it into the container as a UFO.

The only way I get through it is to go deeper into my soul and search for an authentic purpose or metaphor, and how that might relate to the quilt recipient and for me.

What is interesting is that as I consider my life experiences and realize that while I might not be engaging in those activities, they are not gone forever. People too, are not gone forever when you can remember who they were to you and how much love you shared.These soul threads to the past continue to connect each event you cherish, and keep bringing the past into the future.

Like material going through the machine, we are advancing along the path to personal growth, to a personal creation of something new and beautiful

Life unfolds quite mysteriously.

I didn't really have a pattern for the WINTER GOLFERS quilt, but started pulling ideas out that I thought might work with the fabrics I have.  My bed often serves me as a design board. Here is where this quilt is as I try out the next border for it. I laid out some backside diamonds so you can see what will be added to the border in those spaces. And also laid out the strips so you can see that border. 

I am thinking it needs a solid blue as in the panel to help make it a larger throw. Its gotten busy, but I like how it is evolving. One thing I started thinking about as I worked on this one is how the final layer of quilting might look. Again, that seems to be something that draws me into the future of a project, and pulls me along the path of pleasure in this art form.