Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Let the Labor Start-up Again!

After a long weekend that seemed more conducive to playing or doing those weekend warrior chores, I could hardly wait to get back to the work of quilting. In case you haven't seen it in my posts, I love this art and while it is hard sometimes, stretches my skills and keeps me learning, its not really work in the sense that I want to punch out and hate coming back. 

Last night, I pulled apart some of the Flying Geese on the WINTER GOLFERS quilt because I didn't like how little seam allowance was left on them. I've learned that it is WAY better to correct any errors or mistakes early before you get stuck with them in their placement. Early remedies are best.

Like life. I think about all the times I could have apologized for something that turned into resentment. Or that time I got a speeding ticket...I knew better on that stretch of freeway, and ended up with a fine, a court appearance and traffic school. 

The panel shows up frames for the golfers that you can see are first small lines to the darker blue. I added what is called the first border around it. The Flying Geese will actually make trees on the sides as a border (with additional material) and then more borders will get added. Details and pics as it progresses.

UPDATE......OK, so right above here is what the next border evolved into, and its not really completed. However, not having a pattern to follow meant cutting them to fit, so there are edges to trim before adding the next border. I must say that its exhausted me to be this creative, and just when I was telling you that I was playing by the rules!

(The following is what I blogged earlier today and now will apply to Wednesday. I am hot, sweaty and ready to call it a day...and a good day it has been.)

The next project I plan to get to this afternoon will be to piece this larger lavender border to the darker purple. It has prairie points for the binding/border, but I need to READ the directions first. Its a stunning top thus far.

And yes, I am reading and checking as I go on everything. For now, I've stopped trusting myself to know what I am doing. If I acknowledge that my skill level is an Intermediate Beginner, then, that comes with an awareness that I am still learning, still needing to learn much more!

My friend RexieR, and co-BOM quilter in WI, is more of an artist in all her endeavors. She seems to be edging towards the artistic expressionism of quilting. Not so for me. I must-must-must follow directions or clean up resulting boo-boos.

Also on my list for the day is making a quilt that uses up the vast collection of 2.5" squares. You can see the pattern page folded in half. It takes 16 of these squares to make a block. I only saw the picture without directions, but think it will be fun and easy to put together, and then just add those holiday borders to make it a seasonal throw for one of my family members (I know who the quilt recipient will be).

And then if there is time today...yes, PIGS! These are the ones without deadlines and even at this point, without the names of recipients.

So "Hi Ho, Hi Ho, its back to work I go!"