Thursday, September 26, 2013

Its a Wrap!

Today will be spent finishing up, checking for loose threads, and just being sure the quilts going out tomorrow are securely stitched. I've been showing the progress all along except for these two. As you know, I have been gifted with fabrics through friends, and wanted to make use of them before buying others. This one is made from flannel scraps and is a simple 4-patch with 4 borders and then the binding.

Without buying more fabric, I created a simple 4-patch block for the back with larger pieces cut to fit with the join in the center. I tried to come up with a quilt name while I was basting it. The colors are those used in my younger Son's home and I realized how warm it was going to be when I took it off the tables and suddenly decided to name it "Winter is Coming" as a nod to the books and HBO Series Game of Thrones.

This second quilt fabric comes from the Alexander Henry House collection of the Ghastlies Fabrics. (follow the link to see more of it) I bought this fabric and the quilt pattern on a trip back to MN a couple of years ago. I bought it. 

Its become a sweet personal lap size quilt to wrap up in while watching movies on the couch at night. I really did not want to cut into the fabric and like this paneled effect. Its pretty simple and went together quite easily. I did a very basic echo stitch around the characters on the front for the quilting.

I've learned that for me to live a creative life, I must release my need to be perfect, and to allow the creative energy that exists in the universe to simply flow. Because quilting has become a passion in my life, I realize too that I've stepped into a pool of creators who bring all sorts of ideas to it. My biggest fear comes about when I start comparing myself to others. Each of us has a reason for quilting. Each of us finds the resources to perform this art, and each of us have our own abilities. 

So much comes into play for quilting that is sensual: Color choices, texture; the ability to see and do accurate piecing; having the body flexibility and stamina. 

It seems that this is a vital force flowing through our lives and spinning in all of the world and through all people.

And now my day has begun. The finishing up part is what we do whenever we start something. Endings are just as important as beginnings. If the quilt unravels at the corners or a seam, then all the work from start through the middles will fall short of our expectations for the entire creation.