Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fall Mug Rug Swap

I am so excited to have joined the new Mug Rug Swap. It is international, so there is always a possibility of partnering with someone outside the US. However, finding a new friend in the states would be just as adventurous. 

I tried making them before and ended up with a larger Candle Mat size, so am looking forward to staying within the size requirements of 10x14. 

My online order for four packages of batting hasn't come yet, and while I do have a space reserved to baste tomorrow, I also have one quilt ready for that part of the process. 

My primary work over the past few years is to make and ship quilts to various family members. I started with holiday fabrics for these quilts so that they didn't have to match a room color, and that if the quilt recipient found them less appealing, they could go into storage.

Its also in my mind to ship quilts so that everyone in that household gets one. So this year, one of my Nephews and his family are getting a box with four. I don't want to post pictures of any that I send until they get them so that it is a surprise.

I don't wait well. Its not my style to sit around, so the way I quilt is to keep active doing something on some of them.

Last night, I spent time and found a block pattern for the October Calendar exchange and pulled fabrics for it. When I got the invitation to join the Mug Rug Swap, I knew what Fall fabrics I have and so just pulled them too. 

We are directed to wait to receive our partners and communicate with them before taking too much action. I can look for patterns, can assemble coordinating fabrics while I wait.

So this is my lesson...keep going, keep busy, keep thinking.