Monday, February 20, 2017

Beach Towel Tote

Totes are easier to make than I thought. Thing is you can buy a cheap tote bag for under $2 so why go to the trouble?  I made one some time ago that held my quilting projects that I want to take to the clubhouse to baste. It also holds some of the larger boxes I shipped during the holidays. Make em too big and they are impossible to carry if they are weighed down!

It takes a Charm Pack to make up the two sides of the tote. I used two FQs, one for each end, plus used the extra for binding. And I had a strawberry on black print for the inside.
This one is perfect for beach towels and even a quilt to lay on, all inside it, with room to spare for lunch, sunscreen and water bottles. I need to buy and attach web-style straps to call it done. The way it is constructed makes it reversible, though this bright side makes it look summery.

I thought about making the pattern as gifts, but am not sure a tote like this would be appreciated, and decided against it. The thought that if people want them, they CAN buy totes pretty cheap. As easy as it was to make, it would be a waste of time if it were not appreciated.