Sunday, February 5, 2017

Fabric Order Came

Cotton fabric shrinks. 

I know that. Well, what I have for the back of the R/W/B quilt is right up to the edge after shrinkage. Edge to edge. 

There is enough on it for length, and sides should have been fine. They were before laundering, yet they weren't after. Six inches were added for the sides just in case the batting loft takes more away. It took time to measure, remeasure and piece. Meanwhile, seams got checked, threads got cut. A few of seams actually needed reinforcing, so the time was well spent. Its not a day with pictures because it is prep work, back stage work. The song says there would be days like this.

With the other fabric, strips were cut for the framing on the Wonky Quilt. Pinned, pieced and pressed, though these represent some and not all of the blocks, which are done. The plan is to add a small dark green sashing cut about 1.25" so it will show only 3/4". Then it will also be a small border around the larger blocks. This project is now a Work in Progress (WIP) because it is not getting put away.

The other project for the day got more cats finished, but more unfinished blocks are not working out after the second re-do, and I've decided to use them for a different project that can get cut down to fit and add more cats to this quilt of the correct size. Now, is that a WIP or a UFO? Not sure at this point. A photo with all of them in it will show what colors might be added. (I just got several new 10" as a gift and so have some interesting pieces to add.)