Wednesday, February 15, 2017

It Makes a Nice Throw

I finished the Ghost Moth quilt for an exchange I am doing on SwapBot. I like so much about it...the scrappy Moths, the scrappy 5" charms on the back and the green/yellow stripe scrap for the binding. It is a perfect size for napping or to put on your lap as you watch TV or read in the evening. It works as a throw for a chair and will get more cozy with washing.

I have yet to write out laundry directions or the 'messages' that come from Moth as a spirit guide. I really enjoyed making this quilt because it used up a lot of 10" squares I could not see as individually pretty. Collectively, they make a beautiful quilt.

I took my Alaska Cousin's advice and let it come together randomly with the exception of those half-Moth placements on the sides. With a couple more bins of scraps to use, I have come to realize that doing the simple joining of pre-cuts would be much, much easier than doing any other sort of pattern even if it is simple.

What I am able to make for my quilts emanates from what exists. I am simply going to make things easy for myself and trust that whatever manifests will be enough.