Tuesday, February 21, 2017

BOM Benefit

This is the largest BOM block I have ever done, measuring at 32" square. It took me all day to trim squares, press, pin, piece, press again, pin, piece it until it was finished. The benefit of doing BOM mysteries is not knowing how they will look, and also being challenged to use scraps on hand.

It was more of a challenge than the ones made at 12.5" because it is scrappy, and took more fabric than usual. I wanted this largest block not to be as scrappy and yet still be scrappy to fit in with the other blocks. It goes in the center of the quilt with the smaller 12.5" around it. 

The beige with the sunflower small heads that look like dots came first. In a couple of 4.5" squares, I had to piece edges to make them work. There wasn't enough to fit into the center 4 squares, so I fussy cut that piece to blend in and it does. I also used a beige tone-on-tone that looks closer to the first beige to the naked eye than it does on camera. Then I used two different oranges. One is a smattering of leaves. The other has sunflowers and pumpkins. I wasn't sure how the layout would work, but it seems to be fine and I am happy with it. Again, this is a mystery quilt so even though I devote a month to making one block work with the pattern, how it all comes together will be a surprise.

Another row was released for Seasons representing Autumn. I went through scraps to find everything I need for it, so do not need to buy anything more. It is a machine appliqu├ęd row. I am feeling quite confident with that process and feel like this ROM (Row Of-the Month) has taught me a lot. I understand there is one more row and the rest of the layout to go on it.