Saturday, February 11, 2017

Progress Report

Yesterday, I took two projects into the clubhouse. It works so much better to work over lunchroom tables where I can stand and lean in rather than to work at home where spaces get cleared by moving furniture and working on the floor.

The first one is the Red/White /Blue quilt. And yes, I work by natural light so while it looks dark in the photo, there is enough morning light coming in for me to work. I really hate those overhead florescent lights. They seem to zap my energy so I never use them or work under them.

The next project was to lay out the Moth blocks. I brought my numbered pins for the first block of each row. As you can see, the half Moths were laid down incorrectly, so that got changed before the next step. I pieced them correctly with sashing. Then today, I started pinning sashing between rows. The only part I took any care in matching were the half Moths at the left and right of every other row because I had misplaced them at first and changed them without doing another layout. I wanted to make sure colors didn't bunch up. I needed one more to finish (see the empty spaces) and selected a darker blue/green paisley that is just lovely. The remaining sashing is ready to press, pin & piece.

Then today, I selected fabrics for another one of the BOM blocks. It is my scrappy Harvest. The block design is unusual and has piecing and machine quilting on it, so I prepared to do both parts of the work tomorrow. By unusual, I mean it is designed by the quilt group facilitator and has a part that I objected to at first and then decided to put it in and trust that it will be absorbed by everything else going on. Mystery quilts still challenge me, so why would this one be an exception?