Saturday, February 4, 2017

UFO Logic

While I finished the step for the Holiday BOM, work with the Cat quilt did not go exactly as planned.

Shaking my head here in amazement as to what happened. This is a one-block quilt, meaning the entire quilt is made up of one block pattern that gets repeated and put into rows and then pieced, with a border or two. It should be a no-brainer. It uses a 10" square for the cat, and scraps of white for the background. The body gets a 2.5" white square on a top corner and that is how the direction of the body is made. Then, a white block goes to either side of the head/ears square. Should be easy, and for all these, it was. For the other half of the blocks, the ear parts were too short. 

At first, I grumbled with myself and thought the whole unfinished project would just go in a bin for another time. WAIT!!! If I did that, this project would become a UFO. So I decided to think about what I was doing and ask myself what was happening and why.

It was me. I was pretty frustrated when some of the ear sections turned out to be too short. Once again, it was that triangle-pointy part and so why did half of the blocks work, and half not? I decided it could NOT be set aside and while I did stop working on it for the day, it is a UFO now, and has become part of my commitment to finish this year. GAHHHH!