Sunday, February 12, 2017

Following the Leader

I don't remember the specifics of this kids' game, but we taught each other how to follow, and that is a very important part of learning how to lead. I guess it engages when I agree to do the BOM quilts.

This particular block was a challenge in design for a number of participants, including me. I think that might happen because of the cross it forms, or the appliqu├ęd hearts, or even the oversize of it all. Some folks made the hearts wonky, some only went to the first dark border which does make up the 12" block, some made bars that were almost invisible.

I decided to do what I have been doing which is to select from the fabrics I chose for the entire quilt and just go with the pattern as it was designed. And it actually looks good to me.

My different attitude has a lot to do with the Jungian Psych class I am taking which has us looking at the expressions of our shadow archetype. In any case, this block is nice. And was the only quilting thing I got done.

I am making Spring Equinox whimsey pockets for my Grandchildren and Great-Neices/Nephews so have started making 17 of them. I got the TP roll ends glued shut and cut orange papers to wrap around them glued on too. I started looking for and printing off small info pages to roll up and include in the little small things, which will (hopefully) look like carrots. I also have purchased the start of treats to go in them, so its a time intensive project.