Friday, February 17, 2017

Rainy Days and Fridays

Its odd what triggers a person's mood. We haven't had rain for so many years that all of it this Winter has been a lot. Unfortunately, the weeds will take off and when it dries up, the wildfires will start. Right now, the winds are furious, and keep peeling roof shingles off. No one wants to even come out and estimate costs for the roof until weather is nicer. 

Meanwhile, quilting. I am working on the next step to the Holiday BOM. This step puts several previous steps together, so its a lot of pinning, piecing, pressing. It will make only 32 squares. I know that without this quilt-along, I would have stopped. Its such a complicated pattern. Not that its beyond being a Beginning Intermediate, but so putzy. I need to repair or replace some of the pieces that I didn't like as I put the blocks together.

I went into one of the fabric stores in town to buy a HST ruler, and some green ribbon for that Spring Equinox project. I found the ruler but not ribbon, and wandered around. I couldn't think of one piece of fabric for anything, yet bought 2 yards of a beige holiday fabric thinking it would make a border for the Holiday BOM, forgetting that I have borders and binding worked out. 

So now, this goes into the stash. 

It feels like such a drag to keep working, when the sound of the rain & wind  outside and the additional heat in the house makes me just want to nap! I have no deadlines and so just might let the rest of the day be one of relaxation.