Monday, February 6, 2017

Gypsy Orphans UFO

When I first started quilting, one of my instructors suggested I get a container and save any leftover blocks that come from quilting. Soon, I understood that instructions for making quilts would have you make even numbered blocks and then not use one of them. Last night, I pulled out the large container and discovered so many leftover blocks in endless colors and designs.

There is a quilt pattern called the Gypsy Wife by designer Jen Kingwell that I want to model the one I plan to make with my scraps, though it will be called Gypsy Orphan. And like other scrap quilts I have made, the more variety, the better the final look of it.

The first thing I did was to separate the finished blocks from strips that will also be used as fillers between blocks and do the vertical drop as seen in this one. Chances are that this will end up being a back for one of the quilts, and also chances are that some of the finished blocks will get tossed back into the bin for another Orphan quilt.

The top of it starts with larger blocks and descends or trickles down with smaller ones. I am not going to try and follow more of the image and will let what I have dictate the result.