Monday, February 13, 2017

Challenge of Small Machines

I was able to pin baste the Ghost Moth quilt, after joining larger batting scraps to fit the size. It is truly a scrap quilt.

I had a leftover spool of Variegated Silky thread and loaded a couple of bobbins so the project could be machine quilted. One of the messages from Moth as Spirit Guide is "Allow yourself to receive". Machine quilting will take a few days because of the diagonal stitch going across the quilt at an angle makes it bulk through my small machine even with the special quilting foot & the measure on it. The measure portion keeps stitch lines evenly spaced.

I read another post raising the question about how long arm quilting puts so much more thread onto the quilt weighing it down, and making it less cozy. In the past, I used to stitch a grid; and with my last few quilts, I have only done the stitch one direction and like it. I've thought about making them closer together, and since reading this last opinion on it, have changed my mind. 

My favorite personal quilt has a flannel back and is tied. It is more cozy than the other ones I have and I reach for it most often. Because I make smaller lap/nap quilts, they probably work best with less stitch lines. 

By the way, I am loving this Ghost Moth quilt for more than one reason and hope whomever receives it will too.