Friday, February 24, 2017

Wonky UFO

This quilt is a product of two different BOM swaps I was in years ago. 

One of them was for 12.5" blocks. In this swap, we could say what we wanted for colors, styles. I wanted either 'wonky' trees or houses. And the partners I had wanted traditional blocks in colors I didn't have, which usually meant a trip to the fabric store. Almost every one of my partners told me that wonky blocks are harder to make than they realized. Few of them told me they had fun. They are laid out across my bed in one piece for the top, and I think they need one more row of houses to make the quilt longer. Right now it is square with 4 across and 4 up.

The other wonky swap was for 6.5" blocks in any design. This was a HUGE challenge because we exchanged two 6.5" blocks. I said I would take any wonky and preferred bright colors. Most hated trying to make wonky, and someone suggested that it was a good idea to keep blocks that didn't work out & call them wonky. 

First I trimmed them. Shockingly, some were not at the 6.5" size, and I knew that to have a wonky border, it didn't matter if points or colors matched. I trimmed them to 6" which means they will loose 1/2" in width and length. Then I pieced them for borders. I am going to press them all and pin one of them at the top of the top. That will give me an idea how the layout will look.

Because the top will be so busy I might like to make the back a simple muslin. I think that will make it easy to quilt with white thread. I am not sure what pattern I will use.

Right now, it is done as far as I can take it, and goes back on the list of UFOs with a note to self to make up four more wonky blocks.